Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Best T-Rex Locations for Taming on the Center Map

You can find T-rexes in many areas of the Center Map of Ark Survival Evolved, but I have a few favorite places for taming them.  

Blue Obelisk

In the plains below the blue obelisk and the forest above it are some good Rex spawns.  I especially like it because it is an easy place to set up a trap for the T-rexes, which will also work with a lot of other dinos too.  By the obelisk, I built a structure to catch dinos.  Simply agro them and lead them off the cliff with a flier or sacrificial tame.  I’ve used it to tame rexes, therri, carno, stego and others. 

T-Rex Center Map
My favorite rex spot on the Center is at the Blue Obelisk.

Volcanic Island

This area is great for the number of T-Rex spawns, and they are easy to spot on the barren terrain.  Carnivores are not too numerous, but you can run across gigas on the beach. There are cliffs here to build traps like I have at the blue obelisk.

Snowy Mountain Base

This is my third choice if I can’t find a good-level rex at the first two locations.  Much like the first two, there are cliffs to build traps, and Rexes are not hiding in the woods.    

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