Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Red and Blue Crystalized Sap Locations on Ark Extinction

Red and Blue gems don't exist on the Extinction Map of Ark Survival Evolved, but you can use Red and Blue Crystalized Sap in their place.  With those, you can craft some of those Aberration items.  Blue Crystalized Sap is found throughout the map, outside the city, by harvesting the trees with gray-blue leaves.  Red crystalized sap is harvested from the red wood-like spires found in the northern portion of the map.  Here are some coordinates for the crystalized sap locations.

Red Crystalized Sap trees
Red Crystalized Sap "trees"

Red Sap - Northern zone

Lat   Lon

29.8   12.4
24.4   27.9
33.9   33.7
33.1   36.9
27.3   36.0
15.6   43.5
7.8   58.1
17.5   56.8

Blue Crystalized Sap Trees
Blue Crystalized Sap Trees

Blue Sap - Throughout the map, but here are some concentrations

52.4   78.9
61.0   84.9
68.8   44.9
50.9   19.3
33.9   53.8

Extinction Tree Sap Locations

Extinction Dino and Resource Location Playlist

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