Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Ark Extinction Otter Locations

Otters are an uncommon creature spawn on the Extinction map of Ark Survival Evolved.  Most otters can be found in the ponds located with the city, and also the subterranean area in the NW corner of the map (see coordinates below).  The spawns in the underworld are rare, and since the water there is expansive, I wouldn’t bother looking for otters in there.  Enjoy taming some Otters on Ark Extinction.  Fishing with otters gives you the chance of collecting silica pearls, which only exist in beaver dams on the Extinction map, however you can use silica deposits instead.  

Extinction Otter Spawn Coordinates

Lat   Lon

  • 49.8   43.5 - City
  • 45.9   51.8 - City
  • 50.0   59.1 - City
  • 48.8   29.6 - Green Obelisk
  • 23.4   18.5 - Underworld Flier Entrance
  • 29.2   20.5 - Underworld

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