Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Ark Extinction Silca Deposit Location

There are no silica pearls to pick up on the Extinction Map of Ark Survival Evolved.  Instead, you can harvest Silica Deposits in the Northcentral portion of the map.  Silica Deposits can be used in the exact same way as silica pearls. Unfortunately the location of these deposits is perhaps the most dangerous place on the Extinction Map.  Corrupted wyverns, Gigas, rexes and more wait for you.  Silica Deposits are best harvested with a hatchet and also yield obsidian, stone and flint.  

You can still get some silica pearls from beaver dams on Extinction.

Extinction Silica Deposits

Start at 10.2  58.5 (the least dangerous spot) and travel west to 14.6 39.7

Ark Extinction has silica deposits, not silica pearls.

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