Sunday, November 13, 2022

Ark Transponder Tracker - How to Use

The Transponder Tracker and Transponder Node are both great additions to the Ark Survival Evolved, or they would be, if they weren't so buggy!  First, I'll explain some of the bugs, or you can skip to the How Use heading below.  Honestly, I wouldn't bother with them. 

Craft these with caution in order to prevent the loss of resources or game crashes.  I have experienced trackers randomly disappearing when logging off a server or single player game.  The trackers always disappear when transferring the tracked creature or player between Arks, and when freezing a dino into a cryopod.   

How to use the Transponder Tracker

Once crafted, place the Transponder Tracker in your hot bar and select that item.  Walk up to the dino and use the fire button (mouse 1 or right trigger), just like you would C4. Now you can activate the node by while holding the tracker (mouse 2, or left trigger).  Text will appear that shows you what you direction of the creature you placed the node on, and how far away it is.  You must be looking in the direction that the dino is located, so you may have to spin around.  The text will be larger than that of nearby tamed dinos.  You can change the frequencies of the tracker so that you are not overwhelmed with too many names on the screen.  To change frequencies, use the N key or the right button.  

Crafting the Transponder Tracker

Both the transponder and tracker are crafted in the Fabricator.  

Ark Transponder Tracker

Transponder Tracker Resources

Ark Transponder Node
Transponder Node Resources

  • 3 Metal ingots
  • 12 Cementing Paste
  • 14 Electronics
  • 10 Polymer
  • 12 Crystal
Transponder Tracker Text

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