Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Where to find Beaver Dams on Ark Extinction

Beavers and their dams are common in several locations on the Extinction Map of Ark Survival Evolved.  So common, they should probably supply you with the bulk of the cementing paste that you need, as well as a few other resources.  At least that should be the case if you have the map to yourself and players aren't raiding or building next to these Castroides spawns.  The best place to find dams in the underworld biome in the NW corner of the map.  I have seen ten dams at once there.  There are no other places to harvest silica pearls on Extinction other than these dams, but you can use the equivalent to silica pearls, silica deposits, which you are able to use in the same way.  

Extinction Beaver Dam Coordinates

         Lat   Lon

  • 50.7   65.3 to 47.8   64.6
  • 59.9   43.1
  • 55.1   42.8
  • 50.4   30.0 - Green Ob
  • 24.1   25.0 - Underworld Entrance 
  • 29.2   24.4 - Underworld start
  • 28.5   16.4 - Underworld center
  • 25.0   10.8 - Underworld end
  • 26.1   79.3 - Snow biome

Ark Extinction Beaver Dam Location
The best place to find Beaver Dams on Ark Extinction is in the underworld.  

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