Monday, January 2, 2017

What do the Dino Commands Mean? Ark Survival Evolved

When you’re first starting out in Ark Survival Evolved you may not know exactly what all the commands mean.  Here is a handy guide to help you out.


-          Tamed creature will not attack no matter what.  If a dino is set to passive and attacked it will die!  This setting is most often used when taming aggressive creatures, so they will not attack your potential tame and kill it or reduce taming effectiveness. 


-          Tamed creatures will not attack anything unless they, or you are attacked.  This is a good setting when leaving your dinos unattended, they will defend themselves and your other nearby tame dinos and structures.


-          Tamed creatures will attack everything that is nearby.

Attack This Target

-          Look at the animal or player you want to attack and select Attack This Target that target will then be marked with a red beam.  Your nearby tame dinos will all attack the target until it, or they are dead.  Use this command when you don’t want to enter the fray. 

Attack My Target

-          This command is a great one to use when roaming about the Ark.  Your nearby tamed animals will attack whatever you are attacking.  This only works over a relatively short range.  If you are shooting something with a ranged weapon your dinos will stand around doing nothing until it gets within range. 

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