Monday, February 6, 2017

How to Craft Grenades In Ark Survival Evolved Game

Grenades can be fun in Ark Survival Evolved and the Ark Scorched Earth dlc.  If you don’t think you’ll ever need them in PVE you are probably right, and may never want to bother with learning any of the engrams.  Luckily, you’ll probably find a few grenades in the supply beacons or perhaps dropped by an alpha dino.  That way you’ll still get to play with them, but for those, you want to destroy their enemies be dinos or players here is what you are going to need to craft them

A simple hand grenade you toss at your target and explodes after a delay.  It’s probably the best grenade in the game, but of very limited use in PVE.  I’ve seen some people tear it up with these grenades in Ark Survival of the fittest.  Simple and easy to craft you’re going to need to craft it in a smithy and these resources:
  •  15- fiber
  • 20 – stone
  • 30 – gunpowder
  • 5 – hide
  • 2 – metal ingot
  • 4 – oil
Cluster Grenade

Throw the cluster grenade and it explodes sending out six small grenades over a wide area.  I played around with a few of these I got from supply drops in Scorched Earth.  They are pretty ineffective and I would not bother learning the engram, perhaps they are better in PVP.  In Scorched Earth I have found both half a dozen cluster grenades and blueprints in supply beacons.  To craft one of these guys is pretty darn expensive and your going to need to do it in a fabricator, and because it requires propellant you’re also going to need a chemistry bench, so this is high-level stuff.
  • 50 – gunpowder
  • 10 – crystal
  • 20 – cementing paste
  • 15 – metal ingot
  • 10 – polymer
  • 20 – propellant

Smoke Grenade

This really is only good for PVP as it doesn’t affect the dino’s ability to see you as far as I can tell.  The smoke lasts about a half minute, escapes through walls, and is affective about two floors high, but can be seen a bit wider than that.  The smoke grenade is crafted on your person and requires these materials:
  • 1 – metal ingot
  • 10 – charcoal
  • 2 – wood
  • 6 – hide
  • 3 – flint
  • 15 – fiber
  • 5 – thatch
  • 5 – sparkpowder

Poison Grenade
The poison grenade has no purpose in PVE other than to knock yourself out.  In PVP you can knock out other players I guess if you want to play as a pacifist and destroy someone’s base while they sleep.  Actually, it can be a great way to take an enemy of the action quickly.  It must be crafted in a fabricator with:
  • 10 – narcotic
  • 14 – charcoal
  • 5 – metal ingot
  • 18 – sparkpowder
  • 12 – gunpowder
  • 5 – crystal
  • 20- fiber
  • 5 – flint
These grenades can be fun, but if you’re looking for something with a much bigger bang, the rocket-propelled grenade and launcher are a lot more useful and dangerous than their hand-thrown counterparts. 

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