Saturday, March 14, 2020

Where to get Element Shards In Ark Genesis

Element Shard Crystals
Element shards can be harvested from the reddish crystals in the Volcanic Biome of Ark Genesis.  There is a road that leads up and around the main volcano in the Volcanic Biome that has a large number of Element Shard crystals.  The crystals are purple and easy to harvest with a simple metal pick.  Of course it's Ark so it is a very dangerous place, so keep your wits about you.  Here are some of the locations of the element shard crystals around that road.  

Lat and Long of Element Shards

19.5  82.4
19. 0  78.1
18.5  79.6
20.5  84.4
19.3  74.0
26.3  69.4
28.2  71.4
27.7  73.9
27.3  73.3

Element Shard Location Volcanic Biome
Element Shard Crystal location in the Volcanic Biome of Ark Genesis

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