Tuesday, March 24, 2020

How to Get High Level Dino Spawns in Ark Survival Evolved

To get high level dino spawns in Ark Survival Evolved you need to change the difficulty settings.  In single player it is easy (often server settings are similar).  Under the General settings tab adjust the slider all the way to the right set it to 1.  That will get you max level dinos of 120 on the Island Map (and maybe Scorched Earth) and 150 on the dlc other maps.  If you want to get higher levels than that you can manually enter a higher difficulty level than 1.

Popular Difficulty Settings

The Island/Scorched Earth 
Difficulty  Wild Dino Max Level 
1 120
1.2857 150
1.5714 180
2.7142 300
All other DLC maps
Difficulty  Wild Dino Max Level 
0.7777 120
1.1111 150
1.2222 180

It will take some time for higher level creatures to spawn in.  You can speed the process up, by killing off the creatures yourself or you can use the destroy wild dinos command (destroywilddinos).  That will remove all the wild dinos, and depending on your system, it may take several minutes for new ones to spawn in.     


  1. If you play on Playstation, what can you do then?

  2. Last time I checked you should have the same slider to select level difficulty of 1, but the rest of the menu would look different. Or you can move over the number, push a button and manually enter the number. Sorry, I forget which button it is.

  3. So I started a single player and have the levels set to one and maximum difficulty is on for the island but I find odd levels that don’t match the 150 maximum what’s going on?

    1. Sometimes you cannot force the levels to go to 150 on The Island. I know I have that problem. If you first launched the game on a different setting, the odd levels, might be from that old setting

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