Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How and Where to Get Wyvern Eggs in Ark Survival Evolved

There are several ways to get wyvern eggs on the Ragnarok map of Ark Survival Evolved.  Most of these that I am going to discuss concern the trench on Ragnarok.  However, these methods will work for Scorched Earth and Valguero too, but won't be as applicable to the wyvern cave on Ragnarok.  When I discuss methods I am going to focus only on creatures and tools that can be used in the base game maps, so I'm not going to talk about snow owls, and glide suits for example.  

Wyvern Egg Locations

Ragnarok Wyvern Trench East end - lat 26.4 lon 64.9 West end lat 24.0 lon 71.2 Ragnarok Wyvern Cave Area lat 70.9 lon 40.9
Wyvern Cave Entrance  lat 68.8  lon 42.0  (SW Tropics) Valguero Wyvern Trench East end lat 09.0 lon 79.5 West end lat 8.5 lon 80.1 Scorched Earth Wyvern Trench North end lat 30.1 lon 14.9 South end 72.8 lon 21.5

Methods (warning don't head straight back to your base even if you think you lost the wyverns!)

1. Grab and Distract

Use a Pteranodon (the best after griffin) or another flier, grab an egg take off, and lead the wyverns to some large wild creature that will distract them long enough to make your escape.  Brontos or mammoths in Ragnarok are good candidates, smaller creatures seem to have less chance to agro the wyverns.  A better variation of this is to have a tame creature or several to sacrifice.   Before you make your egg run set them up along the planned path of escape.  A flier or large creature is the best.  Set your tame to aggressive, so it will attack the wyverns.  If you don't the wyverns may not agro on your tame that is just sitting there. NOTE: I suppose on PvP this could lead to a tribe war if it goes wrong. 

2.  Blast Them! (my favorite)

Set up an array of turrets to distract or destroy the wyverns.  This is a great choice if you are a single player, or on a server with a low population. Set up an array of about 10 plant species X or three auto-turrets.  Plant species x turrets are the cheapest way to go especially if you've got a lot of tames pooping.  This is also a good way to collect wyvern talons.  NOTE: Building an array of turrets might not be advised if there is already a lot of building on a server, or maybe a PvP server. You decide if it is ethical, or if it will get your tribe in trouble.  I usually play single player or on a private server, so I don't know.  

3. Griffin 

The griffin is the one of the best creatures to use to get eggs, but you can only find them on Ragnarok, which is a bit of a shame.   Use the griffin's dive ability to swoop down on a wyvern nest, position the griffin for a quick escape.  Repeating dive and climb is fast enough to eventually lose the attacking wyvern.  Combine the griffin with method 1 or 2 for best results.  

Other methods

I've heard a lot of other methods in the comment section of my YouTube videos on getting wyvern eggs  I haven't tried these myself, but these have been suggested by multiple commenters and seem to make sense, so I think they are legit.  

1) Tame/breed powerful Argentavis(s), and destroy the wyverns and get eggs.   
2) Grab an egg, get killed, and pick up your bag after the wyverns go away.  

Other Tips:  

Pick up low-level eggs and eat them.  This will cause new eggs to spawn which might lead to higher egg levels.  After a time, the eggs spoil in the nest, but remain there forever.  As soon as you pick them up they disappear.  That is another good reason to destroy the low-level eggs.  

Wyvern is pronounced Why - vern :)

Original video where I mispronounce wyvern


  1. This really helped, thanks to this, i went to the cave on ragnarok with rock drake, and got back with posion, lightning, and fire egg, 1 from each. Definitely recommend going there!

  2. I'm glad it helped you out. I should try getting wyvern eggs with a rock drake sometime.