Friday, March 13, 2020

Where to Get Tree Sap in Ark Genesis

In order to get tree sap in Ark Survival Evolved you need to find the poison trees in the Bog Biome.  Once you find the large glowing tree walk up to it to grab resources.  Be sure there are no hostile creatures around first because the tree will blast poison at you.  Once poisoned it will be very hard to see, just like if you get spit on by a dilo.  Not only will you collect sap from the poison tree you will also find Congealed Gas Balls, Absorbent Substrate, and Bio Toxin. Tree sap is sometimes awarded after a mission is completed.  

Poison Trees in Ark Genesis give Tree Sap

Some of the locations of the poison trees in Ark Genesis are:  

Toxic Mire

86.0 73.8

84.3  76.3

85.3  77.6

Fetid Pools

54.6  83.0

56.3  84.2


  1. Do the poison trees damage you or just blind you??

  2. Good question, I had to check myself. When I tried it reduced my health by 40. I'm not sure if my settings make it different. If you watch the tree they seem to release gas at regular intervals so you can time your visit when you collect tree sap and other resources. You should be able to avoid the gas that way.