Friday, December 10, 2021

Industrial Grill Ark Survival Evolved

The industrial gill in Ark Survival Evolved is an awesome upgrade from the campfire.  The campfire has only 3 slots, and only cooks one piece of meat at a time.  The industrial grill has 50 slots and cooks stacks of meat at a time, even faster than the campfire cooks one!  The grill is powered by gasoline and is crafted in the fabricator.  The grill must also be placed on a foundation.


Resources to craft the industrial grill

The biggest expense, in my opinion, is the 200 metal ingots required for crafting the industrial grill.   I think it is worth grinding out the metal in order to get the grill, especially for prime meat or mutton. Cooking a lot of prime meat without the grill means operating many campfires at once, and that is a huge pain.  So if you need a lot of cooked meat to feed yourself, tribe dinos, or crafting recipes, craft an industrial grill.  

Ark Industrial Grill Inventory
Industrial Grill Inventory

Ark Industrial Grill
Ark Industrial Grill

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