Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Remove all Structures from Ark Single Player Map

I am starting a new Ark Survival Evolved series, and I want to remove all my previous structures from my single player map.  To destroy all of these structures, I am going to use a console command.  This will destroy all the buildings, and crafting stations of all tribes on the map, so don’t enter this command without being certain you want to do it.  

cheat destroystructures

How to Enter Console Commands on PC

A word of caution. Any map-wide command can cause your game to stutter for a while, and it will take a few moments to render the destruction.  If you destroyed anything you could store items in, those items will be left in bags until the timer expires.  

If you lost your dinos and structures, because you got kicked out of your singleplayer tribe, check this post for codes to try and get your structures back.

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