Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Fjordur Organic Polymer Location

On most Ark maps you need to find Kairuku, or some other creature to harvest organic polymer, but on the Fjordur map, there is organic polymer just for the taking.  On the swamp Island on the western side of Fjordur, there are dead trikes, and stegos that can be harvested for organic polymer, spoiled meat, and hide.  The best way to harvest this easy organic polymer is to use a moshchops with its harvest points put into organic polymer harvest. So far this is the easiest organic polymer harvest I have experienced in Ark Survival Evolved.  Although the moshcops is probably the best there are so many dead dinos to harvest, it doesn't matter much, plus there are penguins on Fjordur to harvest too.  Below are the coordinates of most of the harvestable creatures on the swamp island.  

Fjordur Organic Poly Coordinates

Lat   Lon

43.2   08.5
40.8   07.6
42.7   09.8
43.2   10.6
45.6   10.8
45.8   11.5
46.8   14.0
46.7   07.0

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