Friday, December 2, 2022

Where to find oil on the Center Map of Ark Survival Evolved

The Center map has tons of oil rock, but most of it is located in the deep ocean.  Here I will show the locations of the oil rock that is on the surface or in very shallow water of the Center.  Unlike later maps in Ark Survival Evolved, the Center has no oil veins, so there is no place for an oil pump.

Center Map Oil Rock Coordinates

Lat   Lon

34.6   12.8  - Green Obelisk 
22.3   28.6  - Mountain
57.0   22.7  - Mountain
10.4   52.3  - Volcano
15.8   54.5  - Volcano
9.1   62.8  - Volcano
29.9   5.3 -  Stream

Ark Center Map Oil Rock Locations
Oil Rock locations on the Center Map that are above the surface or in shallow water.

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