Friday, December 2, 2022

Obsidian Locations on the Center Map - Ark Survival Evolved

There are few places to get obsidian on the Center Map of Ark Survival Evolved, but where you do find it, there is quite a lot.  Here are some of the above-ground areas you can find obsidian on the Center.  If you're looking for obsidian, you may also be looking for organic polymer, and the place to get it on the Center is by harvesting Kairuku.  

Center Map Obsidian Coordinates

Lat   Lon

Batman Island
64.4   67.9

Center "Wheel"
46.0   27.1 
36.8   25.0
32.2   31.6
33.6   38.9
40.9   41.4
47.5   36.1

12.5   68.3
12.1   56.7

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