Friday, March 18, 2022

The Center Kiaruku Locations - Ark Penguins

On The Center Map of Ark, there are three spawns where you can find the Kairuku (Penguins).  Three penguin locations are in the two snowy mountains, and the Snow Grasslands, see coordinates below.

The Kairuku of Ark Survival Evolved are cute creatures that yeild a lot of organic polymer when harvested.  They are best harvested with a club or sword, but anything that harvests meat can be used.  If you need to make your own polymer, you will need obsidian, and that is only found in a few places on the Center map.  

The Center Kairuku Locations

Lat  Lon
25.6   29.6
34.0   12.3  Best - Snow Grasslands
55.0   15.8

The Center Kairuku Locations
The Snow Grasslands are the best place to find Kairuku on The Center of Ark.

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